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Block Verizon Calls Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2022-01-15

Block Verizon Calls Cell Phone

In order to prevent students from playing mobile phones at night and affecting their rest, a school in Hangzhou, Zhejiang installed Block Verizon Calls Cell Phone , which is activated every night from 10:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. the next day. The move sparked controversy in the local area. Some nearby residents believed that the mobile phone signals in their homes were disturbed. The Hangzhou Municipal Radio Administration said that the school’s installation of cell phone jammer had not been approved. The "contest" between students' use of mobile phones and the school's maintenance of administrative order has existed for the past ten years. Any school that issues policies for students' use of mobile phones will almost always have a "cat and mouse" situation. Schools spend a lot of management resources in order to implement management regulations, and students can always find the blind spots of educators and use mobile phones "in violation of regulations". The installation of mobile phone signal jammers in this school in Hangzhou is probably the strictest management standard. Regardless of whether it will affect the normal communication of the surrounding residents, or whether it violates the radio management regulations, it is probably unparalleled in terms of the effect of controlling students' use of mobile phones. With such a management method, even if you control the students' mobile phones, they may not be able to control the students' minds. The mobile phone signal is blocked, although communication cannot be achieved, but some entertainment functions can still be performed, such as caching electronic novels and videos on the mobile phone, or playing stand-alone games. What's more, blocking the signal at night is likely to cause students to play mobile phones in "revenge" when the signal is not blocked, which reduces the original intention and meaning of the blocking.

Replacing education with control and flexible guidance with blunt management measures is a common thinking for many educators. The reason why some schools' "wonderful school rules" have left a stain on the history of education is that they did not put themselves in the shoes of students when they implemented these measures, and did not really regard students as the object of education. Educators take a simplistic, one-size-fits-all measure, expecting to solve all kinds of new problems in the education process once and for all. On the surface, they are lazy, but in essence they fail to correct the relationship between themselves and their students. Although it is said that guiding students to use mobile phones reasonably is part of the school's educational responsibilities, this does not mean that schools can directly interfere with students' use of mobile phones. Especially in situations outside the classroom, students have a certain right of self-management. Moreover, cultivating and exercising students' self-management ability is also an important responsibility of school education. In reality, many students fail to restrain themselves after entering university, which is all related to the lack of self-management ability of students in primary and secondary schools. The purpose of education is not only to cultivate people who can adapt to the society, but also to cultivate people who can promote the perfection of society. To promote social improvement, we must first have the ability to improve ourselves. To bluntly draw red lines on students' campus life is actually depriving students of opportunities for self-improvement. Like installation Block Verizon Calls Cell Phone , the technology is getting smarter and smarter, the dead ends of management are getting fewer and fewer, and the original intention of education will be farther and farther away.

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