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Does Mylar Block Cell Phones

Perfectjammer 2022-01-14

Does Mylar Block Cell Phones

As the first college entrance examination after "cheating into prison", this year can be described as "the most stringent college entrance examination in history". Yesterday morning, the reporter saw outside the examination room of Xinhai Senior High School that a mobile radio monitoring vehicle was being closely monitored outside the examination room. For the college entrance examination this year, the Municipal Radio Administration sent 3 signal monitoring patrol cars to inspect and monitor the test site. Does Mylar Block Cell Phones Severe crackdown High tech and gang cheating. It stipulates that taking exams, cheating, assisting cheating and other behaviors are punishable by short-term detention and severe punishment. "Cheating into punishment" involves three crimes, namely, organizing exams to cheat, illegally selling, providing exam questions, answers, and taking exams. The person in charge of the Municipal Radio Management Office introduced that this year, the city attached great importance to the guarantee of the college entrance examination, formulated relevant plans and emergency plans, and strengthened coordination with public security and other departments. All college entrance examination candidates in our city will continue to take the test in the standardized test center of the national education examination. The test center will conduct online inspections. Each test center is equipped with wireless signal detection and cell phone jammer , radio clocks, and each test center is equipped with an identification device. Each test center has set up a storage room for test papers and answer cards that meet the confidentiality conditions, installed electronic monitoring equipment, and is equipped with a special iron cabinet for double insurance. During the test, the video monitoring system is fully utilized, and the test paper transport vehicle is equipped with test paper video monitoring equipment and GPS and other technical means to strengthen the whole process and all-round monitoring.

During the college entrance examination, our city expanded the monitoring range of radio monitoring equipment, and adopted special radio monitoring equipment and interference suppression equipment. This new equipment has a faster scanning speed and a wider frequency range, which can detect cheating signals more quickly. The test areas also make full use of Does Mylar Block Cell Phones , handle-type metal detectors and other technical defense measures to prevent cheating tools from being brought into the test room, and focus on blocking mobile phones from being brought into the test room. The off-site is monitored by 3 radio mobile monitoring vehicles. In addition to radio monitoring vehicles, this year our city has also used a radio monitoring network to control cheating signals in a timely manner and achieve citywide coverage. It is reported that before the start of the college entrance examination, the Municipal Radio Management Office will do a good job in the survey of the test site, familiar with the surrounding environment, structural layout and traffic conditions of the test site, and conduct comprehensive monitoring, analysis and data storage of the electromagnetic environment around the test site, in order to quickly capture the source of cheating signals. Provide accurate evidence.

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