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Block Cell Phone Calls On Android

Gurtner Tobias 2022-02-03

It is reported that in the examination room, Block Cell Phone Calls On Android can prevent candidates from cheating using public mobile communication networks, but improper use will seriously affect the safety of public mobile communication facilities and citizens' legitimate communication rights, causing adverse social impacts. At present, the mobile phone signal jammers on the market are mixed. Once low-quality products are used, not only can they not be shielded, but also can lead to paralysis of communications in some areas, and even affect public property and life safety.

In accordance with the relevant requirements of the Ministry of Education and the Beijing Institute of Educational Examinations, Tsinghua University has further strengthened the discipline of the examination room, strengthened prevention, and comprehensively established a strict examination guarantee system to ensure the safety of examinations. On the one hand, candidates and invigilators are strictly prohibited from bringing mobile phones and other communication tools into the examination room, and make full use of Block Cell Phone Calls On Android , ID card readers, and cell phone jammer equipment to prevent and screen high-tech cheating, exam cheating and other illegal acts. Candidates with doubtful credentials and identities will be photographed on the spot to further prevent the occurrence of cheating; on the other hand, the training of invigilators should be strengthened, requiring them to strictly implement the invigilation procedures, record the examination situation truthfully, and be dedicated and loyal to their duties. The Postgraduate Admissions Office has also set up a reporting hotline to strengthen the supervision and management of the postgraduate admissions examination.