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Blocking Foreign Calls From Cell Phone Prevents Phone Spoofing

Perfectjammer 2022/3/13

The Municipal Bureau of Justice will notify the Beijing Municipal Radio Administration and the Municipal Public Security Bureau of the registration work in Beijing, the address of the examination headquarters, the person in charge, the contact number, and the names and addresses of the applicants. The test center in the city where you live, and the number of test takers. During the test, the monitoring equipment of the fixed monitoring stations (vehicles) in the Fifth Ring Road will be fully opened, and the signals outside the test room suspected of using radio communication Blocking Foreign Calls From Cell Phone equipment to cheat or collude with radio communication equipment will be monitored, and technical measures will be taken. Take blockade measures if necessary. At the same time, the Municipal Public Security Bureau dispatched special personnel on duty to direct and mobilize relevant sub-bureaus or police stations to dispatch the police in time. If the Municipal Radio Administration determines that the situation is true, violates public security management regulations, or is suspected of committing a crime, the public security organ shall investigate and deal with it according to law. It is understood that during the examination, each examination center is equipped with 2 police officers on duty, which is the first time in the judicial examination.

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