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Block My Number Att Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2022-01-13

Block My Number Att Cell Phone

Recently, some citizens have noticed that in Longhu District and other communities, there are often several young people carrying large bags of equipment, using Block My Number Att Cell Phone to check the signal strength around them while walking. It turned out that this is the network service team sent by Shantou Mobile Company, which is testing and optimizing the network signal of the densely populated urban village area according to the feedback of the citizens. In another community, staff came to visit some households who had installed signal amplifiers without permission. Through on-site persuasion and legal publicity, they closed and rectified the privately installed amplifiers. The reporter recently learned from Shantou Mobile Company that at present, urban villages have become a The most prominent areas of the city's network interference are: on the one hand, a large number of high-rise buildings have been built disorderly in recent years, which blocks the transmission of mobile signals; on the other hand, the population is very dense, and the demand for communication is particularly strong. Shantou Mobile attaches great importance to this, and soon dispatched professional technicians to conduct network quality tests. cell phone jammer designed a new overall solution for the network optimization needs of urban villages, from two aspects: new communication base stations and network interference rectification.

With the development of the economy and the acceleration of urbanization, a large number of buildings have been built in some urban villages in our city in recent years. The dense buildings are disordered in height and height. In some places, walking in the alley is like walking in a canyon. The sun is living, and the mobile phone signal has become weak; at the same time, the population of these areas is growing, and the traffic volume continues to rise. If you want to optimize the network quality, you have to add new base stations and equipment. However, these areas have few public areas and few places for laying optical cables and other transmission equipment. They often encounter problems such as difficulty in ground excavation and coordination, resulting in It is difficult for operators to enter the site for construction, resulting in a situation where network services are in short supply. For the sake of convenience, some residents heard rumors that they purchased the so-called " Block My Number Att Cell Phone " on the roof of the building. It is learned from the mobile department that many of these amplifiers are not guaranteed in quality, which not only has potential safety hazards (such as the possibility of leakage, lightning, and radiation exceeding the standard), but also interferes with the normal network signals transmitted by mobile operators, resulting in The surrounding network signal is even worse, forming a vicious circle.

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