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Sucker Punch Cell Phone Blocker

Radek Moritz 2021-10-15

Hearing that mobile phone signal jammers are sold at random on the Internet, the citizen Mr. Zhang thought it was a little weird: "During the earthquake, everyone couldn’t get through with their mobile phones. Everyone knew how anxious they were at that time. If these Sucker Punch Cell Phone Blockers can be bought on the Internet at will, they would have ulterior motives or ulterior motives. Spoofers use it, and if you can't make a phone call in an emergency, you will definitely be anxious! Besides, if these devices are secretly used in places such as commercial competitors, it will bring great losses to individuals and businesses." In addition, Huang Hengyou, the head of the Chengdu radio monitoring station, also said yesterday that the power of mobile phone signal jammers must be at least 2.5 watts, and there are more than one on a floor, and the signal is sent continuously, and the radio wave transmission power far exceeds environmental protection regulations. , The radiation brought will have an impact on people, which does not meet the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Health. cell phone jammer

Is it legal to sell and use Sucker Punch Cell Phone Blocker at will? Huang Hengyou said that the working principle of a mobile phone signal jammer is to transmit signals to interfere with other signals, so it is essentially a radio transmitter. The use of a mobile phone signal jammer without authorization is a violation of the "Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Wireless Management." It is stipulated that those who cause serious consequences will also be transferred to relevant departments for criminal responsibility. According to a person in charge of the Municipal Radio Management Committee, the only legal regulatory basis they can find is the "Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Wireless Management" promulgated by the state in 1997, and the maximum fine is only 5,000 yuan. However, the mobile phone signal jammers with a slightly wider coverage found in the reporter's unannounced visits are all priced at around 1,900 yuan, which can be as high as tens of thousands of yuan. It is understood that because the sales market is mainly supervised by the industrial and commercial departments, when the mobile phone signal jammer has entered the sales market, the Radio Management Committee is more to cooperate with the Industrial and Commercial Bureau. According to reports, the Municipal Radio Management Committee also investigated and dealt with radio jamming equipment similar to mobile phone jammers. Due to limited law enforcement methods and penalties, many sellers returned to their old businesses after the inspectors left.