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Sprint Block Spam Calls To Cell Phone Is Unstable

Schirmer Guido 2022/05/26

The duration of an exam is not short, and there are 2 exams in one day. If the purchased Sprint Block Spam Calls To Cell Phone is unstable, and the mobile phone signal cannot be effectively blocked for a period of time in between, it is easy for candidates to use this time gap to cheat. It will make the anti-tech cheating work go to waste. The cell phone signal jammer should preferably have a low-pitched noise-cancellation when working, so that it will not disturb the candidates who are taking the test, and will not affect the safety of the candidates and the invigilators. Finally, of course, while ensuring the above requirements for mobile phone signal jammers, the budget is saved to the greatest extent. If you want to shield the entire building of the examination room through a high-power mobile phone signal jammer, the shielding effect is not stable, and the price is also relatively expensive. For the standardized test room, it is the most cost-effective method to install a low-power signal jammer in each classroom, because the shielding range of the low-power mobile phone signal jammer can completely cover the area of ​​a classroom, and the price is relatively cheap.

It is understood that the standardized test room of the "National Examination" is not inferior to the college entrance examination, with camera monitoring, audio and video real-time monitoring, in addition to air conditioning, Sprint Block Spam Calls To Cell Phone and so on, and comprehensively upgrade the monitoring equipment of the test room. To this end, cell phone jammer ,100 new units were purchased this year, ensuring that safety precautions have no dead ends and zero omissions. According to the relevant regulations of the national examination, all test centers will be treated as zero points if the bar code is not pasted or the bar code is not pasted as required. In order to prevent the test from being "Ma Daha", this year, the bar code pasting check of the answer card is implemented for the first time. According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Examination Center, there is no score without barcode. Many candidates are fresh graduates this year, and they are not familiar with the examination process. During the examination, the invigilators will help the candidates to check during the inspection, and at the later stage, they will help the students to check again, which promotes the humanization of the examination service and ensures that there is no barcode pasting error or omission accident in the Yangzhou examination area.