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Blocking Marketing Call On Cell Phones

Coss Wayne 2022/04/10

Before the exam, these measures will be announced on the "Special Tips" on the Yibin Personnel Examination website, posted at the test center, and broadcast to candidates, forming a strong deterrent to cheating candidates. Use Blocking Marketing Call On Cell Phones to check all reference candidates before posting each paper. With the humming of the metal detector, the candidate took the initiative to clarify the reason for the humming of the detector. Seeing this posture, some candidates walked out of the examination room on the grounds of "going to the toilet" and disposed of cheating tools by themselves. Some candidates quietly left the examination room. During the examination, the invigilator held the "invigilator" for continuous inspection, and cell phone jammer silently issued a shielding signal, and the equipment of the Radio Management Office paid close attention to abnormal signals. Some candidates complained: "It's so strict elsewhere, what are you doing?" But most of the candidates said to the examiner, "This is how the exam should be."

The annual entrance examination and the college entrance examination are national examinations. In such a grand examination occasion, there are always people who fish in troubled waters. Use some shameful means. Such an exam should be fair. If it is because some people use some small means, it is likely to cause a series of serious consequences in the end. I don't know if you have seen such a small advertisement in the bathroom? Something like "Take the exam xxx" or "Help with the exam xxx" for this little ad. This opportunistic tool or Blocking Marketing Call On Cell Phones device has also emerged as the market demand for exams has arisen. However, they are all inseparable from one thing, they need a mobile phone to send a signal. Therefore, some corresponding companies have produced some sharp tools, that is, mobile phone signal jammers in the examination room. There is a new dark horse in the examination industry,