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Block Cell Phone Signals Home

Jan Fitzner 2022/04/04

When many institutions or companies hold large-scale meetings, in order to prevent the content of the meeting from being eavesdropped, Block Cell Phone Signals Home can be installed to improve the confidentiality of the meeting. When the leader is in a meeting, turn on the cell phone signal jammer to block the cell phone signal. Leaders speak happily and listen carefully. Some areas that require strict control require better cell phone jammers, and the degree of confidentiality is high, so cell phones should be strictly controlled. Shielding mobile phone signals in special areas can greatly prevent leakage. When choosing cell phone jammer , you can choose according to the applicable scene. If the venue is larger, you can choose a mobile phone jammer with a higher power. Signal jammers are widely used and may affect other people's use of mobile phones, so be sure to pay attention to whether your signal shielding system is selected correctly.

Recently, some netizens broke the news that a university in Sichuan had installed Block Cell Phone Signals Home in the classroom. Netizens posted long articles expressing their dissatisfaction with the school, believing that such a move was unreasonable. On the afternoon of September 17, a reporter from the Chengdu Evening News learned from Sichuan City Vocational College that the school installed mobile phone jammers in classrooms to build a postgraduate examination room, and set up mobile phone bags to strengthen teaching construction and improve classroom discipline. manage. The relevant person in charge of the school's academic affairs office told reporters that because the school is building a postgraduate examination room this year, some classrooms have installed signal jammers. They are still being installed and built and not yet in use. "Installing mobile phone jammers is strictly required and generally not turned on."