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signal locator jammers solve information security issues

Perfectjammer 2021-02-18

Signal Locator

At present, there are many kinds of signal locator cell phone jammer and mobile phone communication jammers sold and used on the market, and their working principles are basically the method of white noise multi-band scanning and wide frequency spectrum coverage. The power of the interference signal emitted is far It is greater than the power of the communication signal transmitted by the base station to achieve the purpose of blocking the communication channel between the base station and the mobile terminal.

The mobile phone monitoring and intelligent management and control system developed is a device that can perform MSIIMEI code detection, communication control, and mobile phone number acquisition on mobile phones of all three major operators based on mobile communication technology in specific areas and specific environments. At the same time, based on the base station simulator technology, it can realize the monitoring of cell phone signal shielding, cell phone information collection and communication behavior in secret places. The system automatically collects mobile phones passing by or staying in secret-related places while it is turned on, and wirelessly shields personnel in the control area, blocking communication, and real-time monitoring of the status. The mobile phone jammer is divided into 4 types: mobile, portable, conference room, and rack. Achieve real-time intelligent monitoring and control in order to effectively solve the information security problems brought about by mobile communication technology.

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