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phone signal detector jammers are also very effective for GPS

Perfectjammer 2021-02-11

Phone Signal Detector Jammers

What is the effect of this kind of phone signal detector jammer? The reporter had a bargain to buy a portable mobile phone jammer with the smallest coverage for 120 yuan. The cell phone jammer is similar in size to the general candy bar phones on the market, but the thickness is about twice that of a cell phone. The full metal shell, with 3 antennas on the top, can interfere with the signals of China Mobile, China Unicom, PHS, and even the recent 3G mobile phones. The instrument claims to be able to shield various cell phone signals within a radius of two meters.

So the reporter found 4 mobile phones of different brands and different operators for experiments. When the reporter presses the switch of the phone signal detector jammer, the top of it lights up with a green light. After about 30 seconds, the screens of these 4 mobile phones show no signal, and the call cannot be made, even "110", "120", and " 119" These emergency numbers are not working. If you use a fixed phone to dial a mobile phone in the shielded area, it shows that it cannot be connected temporarily.

When the reporter took out the mobile phone two meters away, after a few seconds, the signal of the mobile phone was restored, making and receiving calls were normal.

Later, the reporter also took the device to a car equipped with a GPS anti-theft device for experimentation. The test results made the car owner frightened. Since the GPS anti-theft devices currently on the market actually communicate with the monitoring center through mobile communication signals, when the phone signal detector jammer device is opened and placed in the car, the GPS is "blind."

At that time, the reporter parked the car on the side of the road, turned on the device and placed it in the car, got out of the car and dialed the phone of the GPS company's main station to ask for the vehicle location. After 3 minutes of hard work, the other party still said it could not locate the vehicle.

The reporter also experimented with this phone signal detector jammer device on taxis equipped with GPS navigation anti-theft devices from different companies. The results all showed that the car navigator lost the signal, and the call between the car phone and the monitoring center was impossible.

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