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Remotely select and open each channel of the cell phone signal blocker or close it


What kind of place is suitable for high-power shielding systems? What are the main contents of high-power shielding systems?

Nowadays, the widespread use of mobile phones and the rapid development of communication have made communication between people more intimate. However, while communication technology brings convenience to people, it also brings new challenges to communication security and confidentiality work. Multiple incidents have occurred, including phone hacking, leaks, cheating in exams, major explosions at gas stations, and illegal use of mobile phones by prison inmates. At this point, it is obvious that a high-power shielding system needs to be installed. The entire system can also block signals from a wide range of areas, such as prisons, schools, troops, large factories and mines, in open environments such as the wild or on a larger scale.

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The high-power shielding system mainly includes some installed accessories, such as the main control computer, main controller, high-power shielding device, etc.

1: Main control computer: The main control computer is composed of signal jammersystem software, which can achieve unified centralized control across cities, multiple units, and remote networking; Remote and regular opening or closing of jammers; Remote selection and opening of each channel of the mobile signal blocker or closing; Real time monitoring of the working status of the jammer; Remote adjustment of the transmission power of each channel of the jammer; A series of functions such as fault alarm for each channel (module) of the jammer;

2: Master controller: The commands of the master control software are sent to several controlled devices on the power line in the form of power carriers. A centralized controller can manage controlled equipment under the same transformer grid. If there are multiple transformer distribution networks, each distribution network needs to be equipped with a centralized line controller. They are interconnected through a local area network and controlled uniformly on the same main control software.

3: High power jammer: As the name suggests, higher power jammers have excellent shielding performance: high power, wide coverage, customizable specified shielding frequency band, long service life, and their high-power jammers can be used at different sites. The effective shielding range will also vary, which is closely related to the signal field strength on site.

The positioning of each jammer manufacturer is different. Some jammer manufacturers are positioned as high-end and relatively expensive. It is still recommended to compare different manufacturers. They are professional in terms of solutions or products. In high-power jammers, they can relatively produce products. It is best to strictly control technical details.