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jammer's signal field strength needs to be much greater than the field strength in the interference zone


Cellphone Blocker

Over the years, exam fraud incidents have emerged one after another and have become a growing concern in the education industry.With the development of technology, more and more people are using their phones to cheat.In order to ensure the information security of the examination room, some ordinary universities generally use mobile signal blockers to interfere with external signals within a certain range.Today we will talk about how mobile phone blockers interfere with mobile phone signals.Firstly, you need to understand the working principles of mobile communication.

Simply put, it is within a certain frequency range

Mobile phones communicate with base stations through radio waves, transmitting data and sound at a certain baud rate and modulation method.During mobile communication, the base station is contacted through the uplink frequency, and the signal is then transmitted to the MSC (Mobile Service Switching Center) to achieve a call.In standby mode, the mobile phone communicates with the base station through the BCH Broadcast control channel.Once there is a call demand, it first requests instructions from the MSC through BCH.

In electronics, the interference of signals generated by external energy (such as stray electromagnetic fields) during transmission is commonly referred to as "noise".The mobile phone signal jammer disturbs the signal transmission between the mobile phone and the signal tower by simulating the frequency of the mobile phone signal to transmit white noise of the same frequency, so as to achieve the purpose of signal distortion.Mobile jammer is an electronic communication device that can interfere with signals between mobile phones and base stations.

Commonly used in special places where mobile phones cannot be used, such as exam rooms, confidential laboratories, and other special places.Its working principle is to implement the same frequency electromagnetic interference on the wireless network that mobile communication relies on, making it impossible for the mobile network to communicate normally, thus achieving the purpose of interference.The mobile signal blocker only blocks mobile phone signals and will not affect other electronic devices.

In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the signal field strength of the jammer is stronger than or even much greater than the field strength of the moving signal in the interference area.Therefore, if the signal strength in the interference area is relatively high, we would recommend customers to purchase high-power cell jammers.Especially the closer the interference location is to the base station, the stronger the BCH field strength, the smaller the effective blocking area, and the worse the interference effect.

(This is also one of the reasons why many customers have reported that the actual interference distance of the jammer may not reach the interference distance described on the website.).

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