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A mini designed car GPS blocker


Welcome to our professional signal blocker sales store, where you can buy the interference equipment you need, including mobile phone signal blockers and GPS signal blocker products. Click on the portable mini GPS jammer in the car.

Below, I will introduce a mini designed car GPS jammer device that uses an antenna design to interfere with GPS L1 signal. GPS L1 signal is a common basic GPS signal spectrum, and the signal jammer can help you avoid GPS signal tracking. The mini design allows it to work by directly plugging into your car's cigarette lighter socket without batteries or charging. During use, your car will not have GPS positioning, Mini designs are also easier to hide. As is well known, signal blockers are not allowed to be used in many countries, especially for private use. They can disrupt normal communication systems, cause inconvenience to others, and even cause greater losses.

Popular Signal Jammer

Product specifications:

Support frequency range: 1500-1600 MHZ

  1. Interference radius: 2-15m

  2. Power supply: Car cigarette lighter socket

  3. Product weight: 0.36 kilograms

  4. Working temperature range: -30~60 ℃

  5. Optimal storage temperature: -50~60 ℃

  6. Size: 95 x 45 x 20mm

As you can see, it has the simplest design, but it is the most practical interference device. You no longer need to worry about being tracked by GPS trackers, as it has been purchased by a large number of drivers as an important protective tool since its launch. It has become one of the most popular devices in the jammer market, not only in our stores, but also in the stores where it is sold.

In today's world where GPS tracking devices are popular, we are always worried about being tracked and feel unsafe. We are constantly being tracked by criminals while traveling, and our privacy and whereabouts seem to be well protected. But due to the high quality and competitive prices of the product, many drivers no longer have these concerns. They purchase this mini car from us, and the GPS jammers can make their travel privacy and security higher, making their travel more secure.

Tracking cases no longer only appear in movies and TV shows, but are a common phenomenon in many countries. GPS trackers are likely tracked by your boss or your wife for you. Worried that being tracked by your boss or wife may cause you to lose privacy, this GPS L1 jammer will make it easier for your car to escape.