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A holidaymaker discovered that GSM jammer was being used at the campsite


As my partner and I are on vacation during the summer, we are planning to go camping on the beach, stay away from everything, take a walk, play ball rolling, or sunbathe by the pool.Undoubtedly, during this hot summer vacation, we left beautiful memories there to share with the people we love. Sometimes we miss them and reminisce about those wonderful times.From the map, it looks great: a beach camping site 5 minutes away from the beach, a very practical small mobile house, games, and local services.

discovers campground gsm jammer

After understanding, a mobile phone signal jammer has been installed here, an electronic device that can interfere with mobile network signals, allowing you to completely avoid being disturbed.We are happy to appreciate the scent and colors of the coast, watch the sunrise together, take a walk together, play ball rolling, or sunbathe by the pool, watch the sunset, blow the sea breeze, everything is so peaceful and comfortable.Depart at 4 o'clock.At 30am, we took a summer break in the car and fully enjoyed our first day at sea, heading to the beautiful town of Vias.

I will not mention camping sites by name, as my comments on the seemingly common practices discussed in this article may lead others to disagree.In these two days, we have seen all the scenery and enjoyed the time only with each other, which has deepened our relationship.Although we habitually swipe our phones during this period, we still haven't noticed anything, no missed calls, no text messages.

A few days later, a holidaymaker discovered that the campsite was using a GSMjammer. The receptionist confirmed to my partner that this was true, but there was nothing I could do. Everyone in the area did it, which may make some people feel uneasy, but it also allows those who don't want to be disturbed to enjoy a quiet and comfortable summer camp.After all, everything has its advantages and disadvantages.For us, we look forward to the next wonderful holiday.

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