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Wireless signal jammers destroy existing wireless signals by submerging them with white noise


Mobile phones and wireless technology have revolutionized personal communication in many ways.Most of us can no longer imagine what happens when we lose contact with acquaintances, but this also encourages many rude behaviors. People's loud and one-sided conversations affect their emotions, while ignoring whether they will cause adverse effects on their surroundings by humans.

Unfortunately, restaurants, cinemas, concerts, shopping malls, and churches are all affected by the popularity of mobile phones, but not all mobile phone users know when to stop calling, the ringing of incoming calls is loud, the ringing of dinner calls is loud, which affects appetite, and more importantly, hackers check our emails through WiFi.A recent news article revealed a high-tech solution to this problem - a wireless signal jammer.Generally, WIFI jammers destroy existing wireless signals by simply submerging them with white noise.

Its core principles are also applicable to other types of wireless signals - cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc.The range of its interference signal varies with the power of the equipment and the strength of the surrounding electromagnetic signal; An example of a portable WiFi signal blocker sold on the internet, listing the frequencies it claims to block.There are many other possible applications for wireless signal jammer, from secretly blocking phone calls to disabling spy monitoring devices.

But some uses are illegal, but as we know, motivated criminals are unlikely to reconsider laws and FCC regulations.They disrupt the wireless doorbell camera by using wifi jammers to block the home WiFi network.Unless the camera has a wired data connection, it cannot transmit the lens to the cloud server or remind the homeowner that someone is at the door.Therefore, there is a fundamental and terrifying flaw in fully wireless home safety systems: wireless signals may be subject to signal interference.

wireless signal blockers flooding

We are not here to tell you to stop using WiFi, give up your phone or wireless network.However, for the safety of your family and property, it is wise to keep in mind their potential weaknesses and take measures to limit excessive reliance on wireless devices.

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