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jammer creates chaos and panic, coordinating with the Ukrainian front to fight back


According to the latest reports from Russian media, the Russian Investigation Commission stated that preliminary statistics show that the Crimean Bridge accident caused three deaths.After the explosion, the statement issued by the Russian Federation Investigation Commission on the same day disclosed some details of the explosion.From the bridge surveillance video released by Russia, it can be seen that a truck traveling on the Crimean Bridge from the direction of the Taman Peninsula exploded, causing seven fuel tank carriages of the train above it to catch fire.

The explosion caused two sections of the Crimean Bridge road section and the approach bridge to break.The surveillance footage also showed that two cars and another truck were traveling in the same direction as the truck that exploded, and then there was a violent explosion with flames soaring into the sky.According to the Guardian, the Crimean Bridge has high symbolic significance for Russia and is also an important supply channel for the Russian military in Crimea and other areas of southern Ukraine controlled by Russia.

U disk jammer

According to the latest news, Crimean leaders have stated that traffic on the Crimean Bridge has resumed.Regarding the cause of the bridge explosion, the Russian authorities have not released authoritative information, but the Chief Advisor of the Ukrainian Presidential Office, Podolyak, responded that the Crimean Bridge incident is only the beginning, and all illegal items will be destroyed, and all stolen items will be returned to Ukraine, and Russia's occupation will be completely expelled.

After the outbreak of the conflict between Russia-Ukraine conflict, the Ukrainian army repeatedly announced that it would destroy the bridge.Ukrainian Major General Dmitry Marchenko stated in an interview with Ukrainian media that the Ukrainian army plans to destroy the longest bridge in Europe, the Crimean Bridge, calling it the "number one target" of the Ukrainian army.In August 2023, an explosion occurred on the Crimean Bridge.Russian media reports that Russian air defense forces have shot down multiple Ukrainian drones near the Crimean Bridge.

In response to possible attacks, the Russian army also made targeted deployment after the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.According to videos taken by personnel passing by the bridge, the Russian military has deployed ships equipped with corner reflectors in the waters near the bridge, and vehicles capable of releasing smoke have also been trained multiple times on the bridge.Corner reflectors are designed to deal with interference equipment from active radar guided ammunition, and smoke screens can shield interference light from missile propellant.

In addition to signal jammer equipment, according to Russian media reports, various air defense systems have been deployed near the Crimean Bridge, with patrol boats on the surface and even well-trained military dolphins underwater.From the selection of the Crimean Bridge as the target and explosion point, it can be seen that this explosion was a carefully planned operation.It is said that it was done by the Ukrainian security department, so its main purpose is to combat the morale of the Russian army, create chaos and panic behind the Russian controlled areas, and cooperate with the Ukrainian front line counterattack.

”After the bridge explosion, Oleg Morozov, the representative of the Russian State Duma, stated that the incident was a "declaration of war".Morozov said that without sufficient response, such incidents would occur more frequently.The biggest impact of the bridge explosion is to become the fuse for the escalation of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.Regarding Medvedev's previous response to "trial day".

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