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The airborne signal jammer and security level for the 2022 Taiwan Double Tenth National Day celebration are very high


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At the 2022 Double Tenth National Day celebration, Taiwan's police have a high level of security personnel, with a total of 1500 police officers.Not only did bomb detection dogs come to the scene multiple times for on-site inspections before the ceremony began, but there were also aerial signal jammer and surveillance guards at the high ground in front of the government gate.In addition, in front of the Jingfu Gate is the place to express opinions, and the United and Independent factions gather as usual.Among them, members of "Taiwan" clashed with the police when leaving the venue.

Members of the Taiwan independence group "Taiwan": "Pay attention to safety, okay? Take the sidewalkWhy do we have to go first, okay, let's go to the sidewalk first, why do we have to go first, why do we have to go first? "The woman was agitated and kept shouting.She is a member of the independent group and refuses to leave the venue earlier than the unified group.Members of the Taiwan independence group "Taiwan": "Don't force me, don't force me, don't force me.”The woman loudly accused the policewoman of blocking the way, causing a stalemate between the two.

Fortunately, with the persuasion of the police, she finally agreed to leave obediently.People from both factions will gather here and curse at each other from afar.Lu Chaocai, Commander of the Baicai Command, said, "Good luck comes, good luck comes, good luck comes." Chen Junhan, Chairman of Taiwan National Conditions, said, "Taiwan's National Day is decided by a referendum.”The police closely monitor the scene and hold up signs warning that if they do not leave, they will be fined.Chen Mingzhi, Director of the First Branch of the Zhongzheng Sub bureau, said, "You three should stop the rally.

You are in Ketagalan Boulevard, and gathering here without permission has violated the assembly and procession law.”There were 1500 security guards on site, including those from the front and back of the Presidential Palace, Jingfu Gate, the Chiang Kai shek Memorial Hall, the official residence, and surrounding areas.All have security arrangements and deployed the police force of Zhongzheng No.1.There are aerial camera interference gun alarms, as well as monitoring posts at surrounding building heights, and police forces are also arranged to control every move on site.

The police are on high alert, and there are no leaks in Weian to prevent any unexpected events from interfering with the National Day celebration.

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