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When buying a jammers, consider which carrier's signal to block


Many customers call and directly ask how much the phone blocker costs, just like when you go to a car dealership to buy a car, you directly ask how much your car costs, and then the merchant offers you 100000 yuan. The customer will say that your things are too expensive, and they will buy tens of thousands of yuan!!

The following is the most detailed price analysis of mobile phone signal blockers, which analyzes different prices of signal blockers based on their power, frequency range, accessories, appearance, and other factors.

Classification of signals blocked by mobile phone signal blockers:

As the name suggests, a mobile signal blocker can block various mobile phone signals. Of course, it is also possible to block other wireless signals by adding different modules. What is our common signal?

Mobile phone signals include: 2G/3G/4G/5G, WiFi (2.4G/5.8G), GpS, Bluetooth, walkie talkie, remote control, etc

The signal frequency band used by each operator is different, so when purchasing a jammer, we also need to consider which operator's signal to block, or directly purchase a model that blocks the entire network.

If you only consider blocking a certain section of signal, you can choose a single block signal blocker, such as a GpS signal blocker, used for mortgage car services. It can be made into two or three channels, and each channel can have multiple 2W channels, which will be cheaper and cheaper.

Can signal jammers interfere with wireless networks?

Signal jammers can interfere with wireless networks, especially those operating in the frequency band of interfering signals. By transmitting interference signals, wireless networks can be unable to function properly or cause false alarms, thereby interfering with wireless communication services. However, when using signal jammer to interfere with wireless networks, it is necessary to comply with relevant laws and regulations, and be careful not to cause interference to other devices and users.

Classification of transmission power of mobile phone signal blocker:

Popular 1 Bands

The size of the transmission power of a mobile phone signal blocker, usually 2 watts corresponds to a gain of 33db. What is the decibel value? The decibel value represents the relative ratio (or system) of the signal strength of the device's input and output ports, for example:

  1. +10db indicates that the output of the device amplifies the input signal by 10 times
  2. -10Db indicates that the output of the device attenuates the input signal by 10 times
  3. So the higher the power, the more expensive the phone is Signal jammer