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100W Powerful WiFi GPS Signal 5G Mobile Phone Blocker

$1495.81$749.99 Product Details

Cell phone jammer is that Faraday device just muffle your phone's ringer. I got this for my cell phone a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It fits nicely in there. I tried calling the phone. No ring! I connected my phone to a bluetooth speaker and started playing music, then placed my phone inside the bag. Disconnected! I tried texting and email my phone while it was in the bag. They didn't go through! I am not a technical expert, but the device does seem to cut off connectivity with the phone, which is why I purchased the device. Can't beat the price!

Review 100W Powerful 5G Mobile Phone Blocker

Date Added: 07/09/2020 by Bretzing Chris

If my neighbors were not so loud and rude, I would never buy this shame. He is watching his wireless home theater loudly. Now he can't! Now, smart TVs cannot connect to the Internet via free WiFi. Goodbye loud movie, hello, deep sleep!

Date Added: 05/12/2020 by mattia anthony

I have been persecuted by retaliated federal officials for more than 20 years. There is a tracker on my truck, where people can follow me, harass me electronically, break into my home and take other Nazis away. When I use mini GPS jammers, they will not follow. Then I put the phone in airplane mode and told my wife the same thing.

Date Added: 03/11/2020 by JAZIB HASSAN

This is a very efficient device-portable and practical, with an antenna. Whether I’m on a train, in a movie theater, or where other people are chatting on their mobile phones, within 10 to 15 seconds after turning on the phone scrambler, the mobile phone owner will not have more networks or their The conversation was interrupted.