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Can You Block A Cell Phone Number On T Mobile

Perfectjammer 2021/10/24

Recently, due to competitors using mobile phone signal jammers for interference, some areas of Nanyang Unicom’s mobile phone signals have been shielded, the radio management department has received a large number of complaints, and the chaotic situation of the mobile phone signal jammer market has been exposed again. According to a reporter's investigation, Can You Block A Cell Phone Number On T Mobile, which should have been approved by the radio management department for production and use, is actually available everywhere. It can be seen that there are still major flaws in the management of mobile phone signal jammers, and relevant departments need to make rectifications as soon as possible. Payment to delivery. "When a reporter called a mobile phone jammer manufacturer in Shenzhen in the name of purchase, the sales staff of the factory told reporters, "Customers do not need to provide relevant licenses when purchasing. Any type of mobile phone jammer can be purchased at will. "It is reported that there are not a few such manufacturers at present. They input "mobile phone signal jammer" on the Internet and search out hundreds of thousands of relevant sales terms. Sales staff will not ask about the unit and purpose of the purchase of the equipment. The sales staff also expressed unclear whether the production of this type of equipment needs to be approved by the relevant departments. cell phone jammer

As early as 2007, the State Secrecy Bureau and the former Ministry of Information Industry have specifically stipulated the development, production and sales of mobile communication mobile phone jammer products, and made clear specifications for the mobile communicationCan You Block A Cell Phone Number On T Mobile technology and test methods, installation and use. Operating procedures. However, incidents of illegal use of mobile phone jammers to hinder public communications have occurred from time to time. For example, in January 2005, the Yueyang City Radio Monitoring Station successively received complaints from the local Unicom and China Mobile, claiming that the railway station and the area near Baling Middle Road were subject to unknown interference. After monitoring and on-site investigations, it was determined that a bidding center had illegally installed it. The meeting interferes with the mobile phone jammer. In this regard, a mobile employee expressed helplessness: “We have encountered similar mobile phone signal jammers interfering with public communications on a large scale, but this market is rather chaotic, and it is quite difficult to coordinate local coordination when encountering problems.” A communications administration bureau A related person told reporters: "In fact, the abuse of wireless jamming devices has existed for many years, but complaints are often dealt with only after complaints, and large-scale centralized rectification of illegal production and use of mobile phone signal jammers has not been carried out. "