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Call Block Number For Cell Phones

Perfectjammer 2021/11/10

A huge criminal den where more than 30 people used mahjong for gambling on cakes was collected by the secluded mountain, installed Call Block Number For Cell Phones and used a RMB currency detector. After more than half a month of careful investigation by the Chengguan police, it was successfully destroyed and more than 200,000 yuan of gambling funds were investigated. Paid, 4 main organizers were detained under criminal law. At the end of October this year, the Jingyuan Road Police Station of the Chengguan Public Security Bureau received a report from the masses that there was a gambling in a courtyard at Miaowagou, Xujiawan, Chengguan District, and the gambling money was high. After this report, the station faced the branch. Report, while organizing police to go to the place to conduct preliminary investigations. Because there were obviously people guarding the den outside the hospital, the investigating police could not approach it for a while. For this reason, the institute changed its detection strategy, secretly scouting and investigating personnel entering and exiting, and finally mastered the time and rules of gambling in the hospital as well as the internal structure. On November 14, after more than half a month of secret investigations, the Jingyuan Road Police Station decided to conduct a surprise check on the den. At 15:30 that day, the leaders gathered all the police from around the courtyard to simultaneously encircle the house. Then he quickly rushed into the hospital, and arrested on the spot more than 30 people who were gambling participants and criminal suspects who provided conditions for gambling, seized more than 200,000 yuan of gambling capital, seized a money detector for gambling equipment, and a mobile phone jammer. One set and 3 sets of mahjong tiles. cell phone jammer

According to the Jingyuan Road Police Station, this huge gambling den has a large number of gambling personnel and a strict organization. Every time a crowd is gathered for gambling, there are two or more accomplices guarding outside the house, and a special station Call Block Number For Cell Phones is set up inside the house to prevent anyone from whispering. In order to prevent gambling participants from gambling with counterfeit money, the organizers also used a currency detector. Among the more than 30 criminals arrested, there were 4 organizers, 27 gambling participants, and several others had not yet started to participate (waiting and watching). Nearly one-third of these people had criminal records, some Women are still pregnant, and some have a history of drug use. The police told reporters that the organizers of this den used the "per pot" as the standard of 5,000 yuan for the bottom of the pot, and each draw 10% is 500 yuan for the head. All the drawn heads are stuffed into a box with only one gap. In the end, It was opened and taken away by the organizer. There were also several people on the scene who specially borrowed money from others, and they all provided cash to those who needed money at a high profit of 5%.