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Perfectjammer 2021/08/12

This year's college entrance examination, in order to ensure the information security of the examination room, the preventive measures have not been reduced at all. Operators have issued announcements that during the college entrance examination period, Simple Diy Cell Phone Jammer will be opened in accordance with the requirements of the Education Bureau, which will affect the communication quality of mobile phone users around the school. The communication will not return to normal until the end of the exam. What is the effect of turning on the mobile phone signal jammer during the college entrance examination? Is it really useful for the invigilator at the entrance of the examination room to detect with a metal detector? Our technicians, let’s talk about the principles in detail. The original intention of the school to block cell phone signals is to restrain students and improve the quality of teaching. But the actual situation is that with the rapid development of science and technology today, there are many alternatives to mobile phones as entertainment tools, and they are endless. Undergraduates do not listen carefully to lectures. The reasons behind the reasons include single course assessment methods, unadvanced teaching methods, cell phone jammer Can not mobilize the enthusiasm of students, etc. Therefore, while considering from the perspective of students, the school should also pay attention to enhancing the interactivity of the classroom so that students can voluntarily integrate into classroom teaching in a real sense.

The starting point is to improve the efficiency of students’ listening to classes, and to have a rigorous school spirit and style of study. But blindly using "blocking" methods does not play a fundamental role. If students don't want to attend classes, they can still use their mobile phones to read novels and play games after blocking their mobile phone signals. In the end, the student's listening efficiency is still low. In my opinion, "sparse" is more important than "blocking". The key to solving this problem lies in improving students' consciousness and increasing their interest in learning. If students are allowed to consciously listen to the class carefully and not make a small difference, the effect will definitely be more significant than any Simple Diy Cell Phone Jammer . The survey results show that 80% of students use their mobile phones to access the Internet during class. The school hopes to use this method to restrict online behavior, and also hopes to reduce students' dependence on mobile phones to a certain extent, so that students can listen carefully. However, the switching time and range of use of the mobile phone jammer should also be considered, so as not to affect the normal use of mobile phone calls outside the classroom. The school actively explores new ways and pays attention to the behavior of teaching discipline. I believe that they will explore a truly effective method to promote the growth and progress of students.