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Block Outgoing Call On Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2021/11/11

This year, 2210 college entrance examination examination rooms (including candidate lounges) in Wuhan are equipped with Block Outgoing Call On Cell Phone to prevent criminals from cheating with high-tech means. This is also the first time that all the college entrance examination examination rooms in Wuhan are equipped with mobile phone signal jammers. Mobile phone signal jammers can automatically form wireless signal jammers, and mobile phones within a certain range cannot be used. At present, the mobile phone jammers in each examination room have been distributed in place and will be installed in each examination room one day before the exam. 15 minutes before each exam (except for English subject exams), the test staff turns on the power of the mobile phone jammer to make it work normally. After the test is over, the test takers will turn off the power of the mobile phone jammer. "If you leave the test room ahead of time after completing the test papers, you must rest in the lounge where the mobile phone jammer is used if you are not allowed to leave the test center before the test is over. Otherwise, it will still be handled as a violation." A person from the Wuhan Municipal Admissions Office reminded. cell phone jammer

This year's college entrance examination, our province will continue to implement Block Outgoing Call On Cell Phone to conduct security checks on candidates. On the afternoon of June 6, candidates in Wuhan can visit the examination room and conduct a safety inspection drill with metal detectors to familiarize them with the examination security process in advance. However, a student from the High School Affiliated to Lake University said that as early as April this year, the school rehearsed the security check of mobile jammers. Everyone will not be unfamiliar with this. The afternoon of June 6th was mainly to familiarize themselves with the examination room. This year, all college entrance examination examination rooms in Wuhan will install silent wall clocks, and candidates are strictly forbidden to bring watches into the hall. It is worth noting that the time indication of the wall clock in the examination room is not used as an examination time signal, and is only for candidates to grasp the time for reference. The examination time is subject to the unified signal of the examination center. For individual security check, the mobile phone jammer will report to the police. If the examinee denies carrying illegal items and has doubts, in order not to affect the normal conduct of the examination, the invigilator may agree to the examination first, but should focus on the examination process of the examinee. It was taken to the test center office for further testing.