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Blocking Electromagnetic Energy To Cell Phone Guarantees Exam Fairness

Perfectjammer 2022/06/06

Blocking Electromagnetic Energy To Cell Phone

With the gradual development and progress of society, technological innovation is becoming more and more intelligent, and the popularization of mobile Internet has brought a lot of convenience to people's daily life. Of course, while bringing convenience, there have also been many negative effects. In some special occasions, the use of mobile phones has repeatedly occurred out of control, which has become a new channel for secrets and criminal methods. pose a serious threat to information security. Therefore, we need to strengthen the strict supervision of information security work, so we have installed Blocking Electromagnetic Energy To Cell Phone for management in special areas. The main use scenarios of the mobile phone signal shielding device are in some areas where communication tools such as mobile phones are strictly used statically, such as: school classrooms, examination rooms, prisons, offices, military, gas stations and other institutions that require information security. Because the signal shielding device is easy to install and use, more and more schools and other units are already using the mobile phone signal shielding device. During the college entrance examination, some candidates were distracted in school and spent all their time playing with their mobile phones. It has a great impact on learning and their eyes, and even some candidates bring their mobile phones into the examination room for cheating, which seriously threatens the fairness of the examination.

There are a lot of customers talking on the phone, I need a Blocking Electromagnetic Energy To Cell Phone that can shield the 50 meters in half, the distance is 500 meters, and the surrounding area is 1 kilometer. Is there any problem with the customer's regulations? No problem, and the actual spacing regulations have also been drawn, but can it be implemented? The answer is that it is difficult to achieve. Why is it more difficult to achieve? Aren’t the main parameters of mobile phone signal jammers marked with their own shielding spacing? Wouldn’t it be possible to place multiple units according to this spacing? In fact, otherwise, the customer is not wrong, only they It is not clear that the overall shielding plan of cell phone jammer is not a numerical value, how to master it.

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