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How To Block A Phone Number On A Cell Phone Is Related To Base Station Density

Perfectjammer 2022/05/29

Nhow To Block A Phone Number On A Cell Phone

To put it simply, the specific frequency transmitted by the signal jammer blocks the link between the mobile phone and the base station. The base station and Nhow To Block A Phone Number On A Cell Phone are always in a confrontational relationship. If the strength of the signal jammer is less than the signal sent by the base station, the mobile phone will still accept it. When the information arrives, the mobile phone signal cannot be shielded. Only when the output power of the signal blocker exceeds the output power delivered by the base station to the mobile phone can it be properly shielded. Therefore, all mobile phone jammers will show different shielding distances when applied in different information environments, and mobile phone, China Unicom and China Telecom will be different, due to the relative density of base stations built by these three operators, Both the base station location and its base station output power are unlikely to be consistent.

Every year, major operators will issue a warm reminder: In order to ensure the smooth signal around the campus, the operator has arranged in advance the communication engineers to test the entrance and exit of each test center, the rest area of ​​the parents accompanying the test, and the nearby base stations. Software and hardware expansion to ensure the communication needs of parents in the test area during the test. We have done our best to keep your communication flowing, except for the signal being blocked during the exam. Every year in the college entrance examination, in order to prevent cheating in the examination, all communication signals in the examination room will be shielded. There are Nhow To Block A Phone Number On A Cell Phone , common signal shields in the examination room: at the same time, there is a radio monitor outside the examination room that can help to deal with the electromagnetic wave signals in those frequency bands that the mobile phone shield can not care about. , real-time monitoring of radio wave signals of unknown origin. The working principle of the cell phone jammer used in the college entrance examination is to bury useful electromagnetic wave signals in a large number of useless signals. Under normal circumstances, when we use a mobile phone, the mobile phone is first connected to the base station of the operator, and the radio wave signals sent by both parties come and go. However, as soon as the mobile phone jammer is turned on, it will "beat gongs and drums" around the mobile phone, and emit a "noise" radio wave signal that is many times more powerful than the received base station signal. signal, the connection between the two is cut off. Whether making calls, texting, or various other functions, they are all paralyzed.

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