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Block cell phone signals to prevent unauthorized calls


Mobile phone jammers can be used to block mobile phone signals and prevent unauthorized calls. However, it cannot prevent improvised explosive devices such as bombs from exploding. However, it can change the trigger used to detonate the bomb to a different trigger, such as a lost connection to the phone signal tower. If this issue is not a problem, you can consider purchasing a signal jammer.

Mobile phone jammers come in different styles and powers.

Some look like personal phones, while others look like routers with multiple antennas. Personal phone jammers can generate bubbles of about 30 feet, while more powerful devices can create blind spots up to a mile long. Mobile phone jammers can be used to protect the surrounding area of the presidential convoy or prevent terrorists from detonating bombs miles away.

Mobile phone jammers are not toys and are illegal in many countries. In addition to limiting mobile phone signals, jammers can also interfere with public safety radios. Due to a lack of ability to overcome interference, frontline police and firefighters are unable to communicate with each other. In addition, the Faraday cage may violate building codes. They are illegal. Therefore, if you want to purchase a jammer, please check if it is legal in your country/region.

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The cellular jammer works by blocking signals from the base station.

As a result, the cellular phone within the range of the jammer was turned off. Usually, mobile phone jammers are used in areas that require quietness. For example, the sound of an ambulance may be loud and interfere with your conversation. They work by blocking two phone frequencies. The range of the jammer depends on its power.

To interfere with your phone, you must use a device that can broadcast on an appropriate frequency. Different mobile networks process signals differently. Among them, GSM uses the 900-MHz frequency band in Europe and the 1800-MHz frequency band in the United States. This type of jammer can work with any cellular network, regardless of its frequency, and can interrupt calls and SMS messages from two cellular networks.

Although it may not be a practical device used every time, a mobile phone jammer can be very useful when you need to communicate with the outside world. It can prevent doctors from receiving calls from donors, and may even temporarily hang up the phone. With the powerful capabilities of these devices, you can block all communication from all neighbors. In some cases, cell phone jammer can be used to shield against explosives.

One of the main issues with active RF interference devices is their potential for unexpected effects. These devices can interfere with medical equipment and explosives. If you have a mobile phone jammer at home, please ensure that the shielding range is at least 20 meters.