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Tribal leaders install cell phone jammers to shut down the Internet


A tribal leader in a seaside town in France installed a cell phone jammer to shut down the internet. It happened between midnight and 3am, affecting the entire seaside town. When local people report interruptions, the service provider begins an investigation. This survey has been reported to the National Frequency Bureau. The organization uses wireless go try devices to detect jammers that block both mobile and Wi Fi signals.

Based on the understanding that others will not interfere, the mobile operator industry spends tens of billions of dollars annually renting frequencies from the government. For example, Verizon Wireless spends $6.5 billion annually to build and maintain its network. Although this amount may sound significant, it is still only a small portion of the industry's expenditure on infrastructure. The use of illegal mobile phone jammers will result in fines of up to $16000 and imprisonment.

The basic idea behind interfering with cellular signals is to block their signals. To do this, you need a device that can broadcast at the correct frequency. Due to different cellular systems using different frequencies, mobile phone jammers are very effective for specific types of networks. Some jammers can only block one frequency, while others can interfere with both frequencies simultaneously. If you want to completely stop mobile communication, you can purchase an interference device to interfere with all frequencies.

The French town of Messanges is the latest victim of mobile phone jammers. After installing a signal jammer, the town suddenly ran out of mobile phones and internet services for three hours at midnight. The mobile operator reported this incident to the French broadcasting regulatory agency, which determined that it was caused by a jammer.

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Although using mobile phone jammers on consumer property is illegal, it is a common practice for law enforcement agencies to install mobile phone jammers on public transportation.

Signal jammers are useful tools for law enforcement and espionage activities. They can prevent police and firefighters from using mobile phones when they need to contact the police.