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Application of Jamming Device in Various Countries

Perfectjammer 2017-08-07

The application of jamming devices in the world Iran has deployed a new counter-drone weapon — a rifle-shaped jamming device that the regime says can electronically separate a remotely piloted aircraft from its command pilot and even reprogram it to turn on its owner.
According to the brief description provided by Tasnim, the drone jammer can lock onto an enemy drone, and then “disrupt its operation or even hack the aircraft and force it to land safely.” More pictures of the weapon are available at a Tasnim gallery. This is a huge threat to countries that often use drones. The device is effective against drone attacks from terrorists
While we don’t know more about this particularly anti-drone antenna/rifle yet, we’ve seen other similar designs. The Battelle Memorial Institute built an anti-drone antenna that mounts to a rifle, and called it the “DroneDefender.” A more recent version of that weapon was spotted deployed in Iraq earlier this year. In November, drone jamming company Drone Shield unveiled the DroneGun, a similar antenna-rifle with a backpack power supply. The whole effect looked a little bit Ghostbusters in appearance.
Rather than jamming a drone, the Army Cyber Institute at West Point built an antenna-and-computer rifle that fed information into an open channel of an unlocked Parrot drone. This allowed the cyber rifle to send an override code to the Parrot drone, crashing it, without violating FCC and FAA rules on WiFi jammers. At a training exercise this Halloween, West Point cadets encountered a drone on a simulated raid, and had to use the cyber-rifle to knock it out of the sky. The consequence, for a team that failed to plan around the drone, was an artillery strike that took out the entire machine gun section of the platoon.

Russia's Signal Jammers Device

Russian media has claimed its military is now capable of neutralising US warships with electronic jamming devices. Russian media has claimed its military is now capable of neutralising US warships with electronic jamming devices. A news report used this simulation as it claimed the technology was apparently used on a US warship.
As well as showing pictures of high-tech monitoring and surveillance technology, the report also suggests 'You don’t need to have expensive weapons to win – powerful radio-electronic jamming is enough.'

German's Drone jammers

In Davos, police were testing to make sure the equipment was ready and able to take down any drones potentially carrying out covert missions, said Steffen Wicker, managing director at H.P. Marketing & Consulting Wüst, which makes the jamming guns pictured.
The German company has sold various types of High Power Jammer jamming equipment to police and military forces around the world for almost 30 years. Demand for drone-specific devices has risen as the flying machines have become cheaper and more prevalent, Wicker said.
The specific model in operation at Davos, the Perfectjammer HP 47 Counter UAV Jammer, specializes in blocking signals from drones more than 1,000 feet away. The HP 47 was used last year by German police in Berlin during President Barack Obama's visit, as well as during a security conference in Hamburg in December, Wicker said.

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