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Blocking Cell Phone Numbers Straight Talk Creating A Better Law Enforcement Environment

Perfectjammer 2022/3/25

It is reported that the traffic police detachment only uses the device in the city-wide unified operations of Xunlei No. 1 and Xunlei No. 2. In the future, the five groups directly under it can use Blocking Cell Phone Numbers Straight Talk to block all law enforcement interference in daily law enforcement and maximize the safety of urban residents. Since then, the traffic police detachment has also expanded the coverage of cell phone jammer to the traffic police brigades in all counties, cities and districts of the city, creating a better law enforcement environment for the city's traffic police.

The mobile network Blocking Cell Phone Numbers Straight Talk on the market is mainly divided into 5G version and non-5G version. The 5G version of the mobile phone network signal jammer can block 2, 3, 4, and 5G full-band mobile phone network signals, while the 5G version can only block 2, 3, and 4G signals. The customer service of the online shopping platform said that the power of the mobile phone jammer will also affect the effect of signal shielding. In addition, the shielding effect of cell phone signal jammers has a lot to do with the signal strength of the scene. If the signal strength is high, it may not be possible to suppress the signal, then you need to consider a more powerful cell phone signal jammer. Southern Metropolis reporters also noticed the messages of relevant buyers. A buyer left a message saying, "I have already returned products that cannot block 5G."