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Block Incoming Calls On Cell Phone Sprint Identification

Perfectjammer 2022/03/30

Candidates should strictly identify their identity when entering the examination room to prevent the shooter from taking the examination. At the same time, they should be carefully and carefully inspected under the video surveillance of metal detectors. It is strictly forbidden to bring mobile phones, cameras, video cameras, scanners and other shooting and receiving equipment into the examination room to prevent transmission. Cheating on test questions and answers. For security issues. Strictly review and record all personnel who come into contact with the test questions; strengthen the construction and implementation of the security and confidentiality system, strictly check and approve test questions storage sites, set up special test questions at each test site, seamlessly connect and supervise the entire process of test question circulation, resolutely and decisively. Completely eliminate confidentiality Hidden danger, to prevent loss, leakage incidents. Especially in the foreign language listening test, the risk of the test is the greatest. All districts and counties and test centers start from the host, Block Incoming Calls On Cell Phone Sprint equipment, software, operation and other links, and repeat the drill to ensure that nothing goes wrong. It is reported that this year, there will be more instruction broadcasting, listening playback equipment testing and clock adjustment, etc. Supervision, inspection and reminders in various aspects, and resolutely prevent the occurrence of early bells, subject errors and other events. Do a good job in the cross-counting of answer sheets and test questions, and both parties sign and confirm when checking to ensure that there are no omissions and errors.

Chenzhou Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology will conduct safety supervision and inspection of Block Incoming Calls On Cell Phone Sprint equipment users in the city. For unqualified products found in the inspection process, each unit shall be ordered to organize equipment manufacturers to carry out rectification work such as maintenance, parameter adjustment or equipment replacement. It is prohibited to use any Cell Phone Jammer that interferes with the uplink frequency band of public mobile communication base stations. Units that use mobile phone interference devices in violation of regulations and refuse to cooperate with the Municipal Economic and Information Commission's law enforcement work shall be investigated and dealt with in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and radio management laws. Regulations, forced removals, seizures, confiscations and penalties. It is reported that the mobile phone signal jammer in the examination room can prevent candidates from cheating using public mobile communication networks, but improper use will seriously affect the safety of public mobile communication facilities and the legitimate communication rights of citizens, causing adverse social impacts. At present, the mobile phone signal jammers on the market are mixed. Once the inferior products are used, not only can they not be shielded, but also the communication in some areas will be paralyzed, and even public property and life safety will be affected.