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Simple Cell Phone Signal Jammer

Cohen Beth 2021-09-23

The effect of different mobile phone signal jammer's power function and model is different. So be sure to choose the Simple Cell Phone Signal Jammer manufacturer that is suitable for the occasion and has a good shielding effect. Mobile phone signal jammers are widely used in examination rooms. Based on the past experience in preventing cheating in college entrance examination rooms and the problems that have arisen, the following points should be paid attention to when choosing a good mobile phone jammer in the examination room: cell phone jammer The power size and scope of application can be divided into conference room dedicated, military dedicated, prison dedicated mobile phone jammers, various types of college entrance examination test room dedicated mobile phone jammers, gas stations dedicated and dedicated places dedicated mobile phone jammers, etc., different types of interference The price of the device is also different. According to the different surrounding environment, in order to better play its role, the examination room must choose the mobile phone signal jammer equipment dedicated to the examination room.

Due to the rapid updating of modern mobile phone networks, especially after the issuance of the 5G signal license, the mobile phone's network speed function is more powerful, and the convenient and fast Internet access function also increases the difficulty of preventing cheating in the college entrance examination room. The choice Simple Cell Phone Signal Jammer also depends on whether the manufacturer of the shielding device has the corresponding product qualification so as to ensure the quality and performance. First of all, test the shielding distance of the mobile phone jammer. Don't just try it with a mobile phone of one or two networks. The mobile phone network used by cheating candidates during the exam is different, especially the 5G mobile phone network uses broadband high-speed transmission. All the mobile phones of all networks can be tested before it can be tested, and it is considered as passing the test to ensure that each mobile phone network can satisfy a classroom!