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Cell Phone Signal Jammer Application

Tran Cheng 2021-08-13

The school was pitted by the black-hearted shielding instrument manufacturer! Forgot to interfere with the WiFi frequency band! In fact, Cell Phone Signal Jammer Application letting mobile phones cheat is basically hopeless, but cheaters can also use their own communication tools. The answer seller has a special radio transmitter, and the candidate has a radio receiver (sold on the market) Most cheating communication tools are in this category). Signal Jammer The frequency band used by these illegal communication tools can be selected outside the range of the signal jammer's ability, and often violates the frequency band dedicated to walkie-talkies. For example, some test-takers use built-in headphones to receive radio-transmitted test answers. Sometimes, this kind of earphone is so small that it needs a magnet to suck it out. If it doesn't, it needs the help of a doctor to take it out. Or, electronic devices such as the receiving module are hidden in the temples of the glasses.

 In today's information age, work such as information protection and information shielding is very important. The use of shielding equipment such as signal shielding devices is of great significance in many occasions. Cell Phone Signal Jammer Application As a shielding device that can be carried and used at any time, its utilization value is relatively high. Our company focuses on the research and development of various shielding devices, and has also invested a lot of energy in the production and manufacture of signal shielding instruments. The signal shielding instrument we manufactured has made some improvements in function and usage. Nowadays, some shielding devices are used in many occasions. The signal shielding device is a very commonly used portable shielding device. During our usual exams, we often see teachers walking into the examination room with the signal shielding device. The use of signal shielding can shield the radio signals inside the examination room, thereby preventing students from cheating. Some people may not be particularly familiar with signal shielding. Next, the editor will give you a detailed introduction to the functions and characteristics of signal shielding, as well as some ways to use it.