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McGowan Sean 2022/07/04

Tuesday federal prosecutor USA said that the federal government too much discretion, which shall issue a warrant for the installation of tracking devices on vehicles of suspects. Peter Smith, an assistant prosecutor in the District of Columbia USA, said that the court does not need a warrant for the installation of tracking devices to monitor drug trafficking in Washington.


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Agents installed GPS-device on the car of a suspect in the drug and after months of surveillance they have managed to prove his involvement. Guilty and his lawyer insisted that the GPS-surveillance without a warrant is illegal.

The agents contend that a simple surveillance, for which no warrant is required, gives much more information than tracking by GPS. When personal surveillance can set the number of passengers and then who exactly is behind the wheel, GPS-surveillance such information does not, but it somehow requires a warrant. Only one Federal Court of Appeal of the 7th District of USA has decided that that the GPS-surveillance warrant is not required.

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