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Cell Phone Jammer Legal United States

Fedi Massimo 2021-08-18

The radio management department responded to candidates uploading test questions about 5G signal shielding vulnerabilities. The current domestic Cell Phone Jammer Legal United States is not that 5g signals can’t be shielded, but some models of shielding devices do not fully cover the 5g commercial frequency band. This problem and the current signal jammer frequency band coverage is incomplete related. For example, the mobile 5G frequency band is 2.6G, which is the same as its existing 4G frequency band, so even the old model signal jammer should be able to get it theoretically. However, China Telecom Unicom's 5G frequency band 3.5G is indeed far from the two 4G frequency bands. If the old model signal jammer is used, there is indeed the possibility that it cannot be shielded. To prevent such cheating incidents from happening again, the most reasonable solution is to develop signal jammers with stronger shielding capabilities and support for more comprehensive shielding frequency bands. In addition, it is also very important to purchase qualified products from regular manufacturers. But is this the core of the problem? Why can a mobile phone be brought into the examination room, why can I take out a mobile phone to take test papers in the examination room, and why can I take out a mobile phone to take test papers in the examination room? These are the crux of the problem! Don’t avoid focusing on the most important issues, only discuss technology, avoid or even ignore human factors such as inadequate supervision and organization. Signal Jammer It is the biggest trampling on the public and public opinion.

This is not surprising. Zhou Shengjun, a communications expert and founder of Xianzao Class, explained to the Southern+ reporter that 5G is a newly launched network standard in recent years, using some new radio frequency bands, and many older models Cell Phone Jammer Legal United States still do not support shielding 5G signals. According to the 5G frequency band Division, China Telecom and China Unicom’s 5G mainly uses 100MHz spectrum resources in the 3.5GHz frequency band, while China Mobile mainly uses 160MHz spectrum resources in the 2.6GHz frequency band and 100MHz spectrum resources in the 4.9GHz frequency band. The working principle of the signal jammer, That is, in the frequency band of the corresponding mobile network, use more power and release stronger signals to suppress interference with normal signals, in order to achieve the purpose of shielding.