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What is the effect of using a jammer on the signal and how

Gleason Arliss 2022/08/31

  One of the main problematic reasons people can use GPS jamming devices is for national security educational purposes. It's easy to see how blocking the signal of GPS tracking devices can give you an economic advantage, but how well do these information devices do both?

What is the effect of using a jammer on the signal and how

  The answer is that they work just fine. For example, some of these can block 20 meters or more, and they also have an adjustable range so you can choose the area you want them to cover. This means that wherever someone wants to track your car or truck, because the device will prevent their signal from reaching them. Another thing about these devices is that they also have tunable frequencies, so even if someone uses multiple types of trackers on their vehicle (and there are many different types), all of those signals should be blocked by this GPS jammers!