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GPS jammer disables radar and gyroscope

Perfectjammer 2020-09-24

When several planes landed at Guangxi Liuzhou Airport, GPS suddenly lost its signal! The source of interference is in a garage. GPS navigation signal is an important technical guarantee to ensure the flight safety of aircraft. Not long ago, the crew of a civilian aircraft that landed at Liuzhou Airport reported that the aircraft was about 8 kilometers away from the runway when it landed and was preparing to land in the air. , GPS signal began to be disturbed by radio, and the interference signal disappeared until about 4 kilometers away from the orbit. The duration of interference from different airliners is different. The shortest time for GPS interference from passenger aircraft is 60 seconds, and the longest time is 125 seconds. After receiving the complaint, Liuzhou Radio Monitoring Center dispatched monitoring personnel and a mobile monitoring vehicle to conduct carpet radio monitoring and interference investigations in the area under the GPS interference road. Finally, it was found that the source of interference was GPS installed in a used car warehouse. Signal jammer. After questioning, the owner of the car warehouse admitted that the jammer was purchased online to protect the GPS signals of the cars in the warehouse to prevent the discovery of vehicle positioning information. After that, the public security agency caught the GPS signal being interfered and brought the warehouse owner back to the public security agency for further investigation.

GPS interference can also affect other systems

In addition to human problems, other systems are also poorly constructed. To all the crew’s surprise, in a test conducted by David Last, a British consultant and former member of the Royal Nautical Society, he found that gps jammer could not disable radar and gyroscopes because of two reasons. GPS systems are increasing. accurate.

gps jammer disables radar

In addition, because directional antennas also rely on GPS, satellite communications have also failed. In all three cases, this is a very bad design, because in the event of a GPS failure, the device may automatically revert to a function that GPS cannot correct. The designer obviously never thought that the GPS frequency might be blocked.

Of course, this careless assumption runs through many everyday technologies. In fact, many of them actually only use the exact time of satellite atomic clocks, such as timestamps for financial transactions. Today, many of these systems are extremely susceptible to the simplest failures. This can be solved by a ground antenna system similar to GPS, but it will emit longer waves with higher signal strength. However, we are more likely to wait and hope that nothing will happen.

As the related EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) example shows, there must be a real threat before action can be taken. A relatively simple method can be used to generate strong pulses that destroy the microstructure of our ubiquitous semiconductors.

For example, this device can be made from an old microwave oven. Hobbyists are currently using pulse generators (they are made up of the flash coil of a small camera) to destroy the RFID chip in the new electronic ID card. However, it is still valid as a status document. Our civilian infrastructure is largely unprotected against EMP. On the other hand, the knowledge on the subject is extensive.