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Mini Cellphone Cigarette Jammers

Perfectjammer 2017-09-29

Hidden type cigarette jammerJammers vary depending on the use, sometimes requiring very high hidden performance. In this case, the high hidden jammers can play a huge role. In general, such jammers have a small volume, or have a strong camouflage. It can be used in any situation. You don't have to worry about being discovered

Today we will introduce a very strong camouflage cigarette jammers:

Mini cell phone signal jammer with a cigarette case exterior, has a very good concealment effect and can jam signal from GSM 3G CDMA DCS PHS.

Product Features:
1.Cigarette appearance, it has a very strong hidden performance
2.Small and exquisite design, easy to carry

Jamming frequencies:
CDMA/GSM:850-894 MHz
DCS/PHS:1920-1990 MHz

Jamming radius: Up to 5 meters

Applications:  Class rooms and small seminar halls , small meeting rooms and board rooms, Private offices, Bus and Vehicles, VIP and privacy-sensitive scenarios’ etc.

Police stations and prisons needs jammers We need to understand the concept of jamming