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12 Bands Jammers

Perfectjammer 2017-10-13

12 Bands  blockerIn contrast to the portable hand-held jammers, why do we want to choose desktop jammers? The reason is simple, hand-held jammer main advantage is small and portable, the advantages of the desktop jammers is mainly interference with the frequency band, a large range of interference, and the interference signal is more stable and more reliable. Usually, when we have requirements for interference distance, we will choose the desktop jammer first

So, there is no doubt that today to introduce this 12-band jammers also have these characteristics:

This 12 bands cellphone jammers device has a good cooling system, can long hours of continuous work. Can adjust or turn off any single band without influencing the other bands operation. Can interfere with 12 different frequency bands, and can adjust the output power as needed:
CDMA: 850-894MHz
GSM: 925-960MHz
DCS: 1805-1880MHz
GSM: 1920-1990MHz
3G: 2110-2170MHz
WiFi 2.4G: 2400-2500MHz
VHF: 135-174MHz
UHF: 400-470MHz
4G LTE: 725-770MHZ

With a large interference range of 70 meters, can cover a whole classroom or medium-sized room. Can be used for educational institutions, churches, cinemas and other places that need to remain quiet.

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