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Who decides to use cell phone jammers

Perfectjammer 2019-07-18

Students addicted to mobile phones is a big headache for parents and schools. A middle school in hangzhou has come up with a "new solution" : install a mobile phone signal shielding device on campus and turn it on regularly every night to prevent students from playing mobile phones at night. However, in recent days, online voices said that some residents living nearby said that their cellphone signals were not very stable when using them at home, and suspected that the school's cell phone jammer were involved.

The school is well-intentioned, blocking the mobile phone signal is to let students rest at ease, cut off the idea of playing games. Nowadays, mobile phones and games are almost the most serious challenges in education. Some time ago, a middle school teacher in hangzhou once wrote an article criticizing a mobile phone game of the recent fire, saying that the game has gradually turned the mobile phone into a "black Internet cafe", and his students have painfully said, "teacher, I can't control myself!" cars only In order to pull students out of the mire, it is necessary to adopt some unconventional management measures, such as banning mobile phones and games, which are also good for students. Schools need to do something about it, and blocking cell phone signals is far more effective than calling for teachers to make house rounds and strict regulations.

But good intentions must be followed in the right way. The principle of cell phone signal blockers is very simple. They affect the frequency of cell phone signals with the frequency of the emitted signal, which is like "louder than quieter" when speaking. The administration also said, "the shield is a radio station. All radio stations have to be approved because of the frequency involved, except for those with small impact areas such as mobile phone communication terminals and home WIFI transmitters." Visible, the problem involved in this is not simple, not to say that can be installed, not who want to install can.

And, after all, there is no impact on the surrounding residents, I'm afraid it should be carefully assessed. The school says it only USES it at night and cannot afford to take it lightly if there are complaints from nearby residents. Schools are not professionals, and there is a lack of awareness of the consequences of installing a shield. They need to listen to regulators.

In recent years, mobile phone shielding device is more and more widely used in various examination halls, schools, gas stations, courts, libraries, conference centers (rooms), theaters, hospitals, government institutions and so on. Even a few enterprises, the family also is in outfit, need outfit, do not need also outfit, among them chaotic elephant is not little, on the net, screen implement can be bought very conveniently almost. Some manufacturers have even used secrecy as a selling point.

Ensuring smooth channels of information dissemination not only concerns citizens' communication rights, but also concerns public interests and public safety. If a school can fit one for a child's studies, can a family? Factory can also install? If every school and every unit does its own thing, its harm will be shown. For example, if a government department sends a text message out of the need of management, the result is blocked, some important information may not be received, and it may be wrong. If the shield is used in criminal ACTS, it may endanger public safety. A shield, like an invisible wall, divides the society. If it is not regulated, it will easily form an island of information in the city. For its installation and use, the principle of minimum amount should be followed.