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Handheld Jammers 5 Bands

Perfectjammer 2017-10-13

5 Bands handheld jammers mobileDesktop jammers with a large range of interference, interference frequency and more features. In contrast, hand-held jammers with easy to carry, hidden performance characteristics. Just like this small 5 bands jammers, Small and lightweight, hidden performance is very good. You can use it quietly, without being noticed.

Jamming frequencies
CDMA/GSM: 850-960MHz
3G: 2110-2170MHz
4G(LTE): 2620-2690MHz or 2300-2400MHz
WiFi: 2400-2485MHz
GPS: 1570-1610MHz

Product Features:
1.Can be used in car directly,With car charger and AC charger
2.Your can select a jamming frequency from six bands as your need

The 8 bands cellphone jammers has a very large range of block, can jamming a variety of frequency bands. It is very convenient jamming equipment. Can be used for cinemas, classrooms and other places, completely shield out the annoying phone ringtones.

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