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How To Block Telemarketers From My Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2021/10/27

Hubei candidates are disqualified from taking exams by uploading questions. Netizens questioned why mobile phones can be brought into the examination room, and even more questioned why How To Block Telemarketers From My Cell Phone is a virtual reality. Many communication industry technicians told the "Daily Economic News" reporter that the signal jammer in the examination room may not be upgraded, which caused the failure to block the 5G mobile phone signal that has just been commercialized for two years. As a result, the mobile phone can access the network normally and the shielding device needs to be replaced. In response to the Beijing News, the Huangpi District Admissions Office also stated that a loophole in the 5G signal shielding may have caused the candidate to upload test questions on his mobile phone. "Daily Economic News" noted that there were few 5G signals during the college entrance examination last year, and many major cities were basically covered by 5G signals this year. "The frequency band of the 5G network is relatively higher, and the staff is likely to forget the new thing 5G, which will result in the 5G signal not being blocked." An industry insider told the "Daily Economic News" reporter that it is very likely that there will be a signal in the examination room. It ignores that 5G has become popular, and forgot to add the 5G frequency band to the designated band of electronic mobile phone jammers. gps jammer

Industry insiders also analyzed to reporters that the cheating examinee is likely to use China Telecom or China Unicom's number card. After all, China Mobile's 5G frequency band is closer to the 4G frequency band, and the possibility of being missed is not very high. The 5G frequency bands of China Telecom and China Unicom are much higher than the mainstream 4G frequency bands in the past, and there is indeed the possibility of being missed. Previously, the 4G spectrum of mainstream networks generally ranged between 1700MHz and 2600MHz. For example, China Mobile’s 4G is mainly in the two major frequency bands of 2320~2370MHz and 2575~2635MHz, while China Telecom is in the two major frequency bands of 1755~1785MHz and 1850~1880MHz. China Unicom operates at 1955~1980MHz and 2145~2170MHz. Another operator technician told the "Daily Economic News" reporter that How To Block Telemarketers From My Cell Phone works on the principle of noise blocking, sending out meaningless signals in specific frequency bands, and suppressing normal mobile phone signals. Mobile jammers generally do not support software upgrades. If the test room wants to block all 5G signal frequency bands, it is recommended to update the equipment.