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Free Apps For Call Blocking On Cell Phones

Westfahl Stacy 2022/04/11

Because the working principle of the school Free Apps For Call Blocking On Cell Phones is to shield the mobile phone by interfering with the mobile phone signal of the designated frequency band, as long as the receiving and transmitting frequency of the mobile phone can be modified to prevent it from being shielded, the mobile phone jammer only blocks the mobile phone signal 900-1800MHZ, and the mobile phone receiving and transmitting frequency is 850- 1900MHZ is far greater than the shielding range of the mobile phone signal jammer, so as long as the mobile phone's receiving and transmitting frequency is adjusted to the maximum, the mobile phone signal can be received normally. WIFI cracking method. This method has relatively high requirements on the environment, and the premise is that there must be an available wireless network around. Some cell phone jammer cannot block WIFI signal and can communicate with the outside world. Bluetooth cracking method. Suitable for short-range communication in shielded areas. Some shielded devices may ignore the unshielded Bluetooth transmission function, so we only need to install the Bluetooth SMS software on the mobile phone to communicate normally in a small range. With the rapid development of the network, cell phone signal jammers are constantly being updated, and the cost is very low. Simply add the frequency band of a known network to the interference level to block all radio frequencies.

This year's college entrance examination, in order to protect the information security of the examination room, the preventive measures have not been reduced. The operator has issued an announcement stating that during the college entrance examination, Free Apps For Call Blocking On Cell Phones will be opened in accordance with the requirements of the Education Bureau, which will affect the communication quality of mobile phone users around the school. Communication will not return to normal until the exam is over. What is the impact of turning on the cell phone signal jammer during the college entrance examination? Is it really useful for invigilators at the entrance of the examination room to use metal detectors? Our technicians, let's talk about the principle in detail. The original intention of schools to block mobile phone signals is to restrain students and improve the quality of teaching. But the reality is that in today's rapid development of technology, there are many alternatives to mobile phones as entertainment tools, and they emerge one after another. Undergraduate students do not pay attention to lectures. The reasons include single course assessment method, unadvanced teaching method,