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Identify Whats Blocking Your Cell Phone Reception

Klinger Axel 2022/04/13

Take a look at this "Omnidirectional FRP Antenna 40W High Power 4G Cell Phone Jammer" as an example. Then you will see that this high-power 4G cell phone jammer is very powerful, just like its name. The shielding radius of this 4G Identify Whats Blocking Your Cell Phone Reception is very strong, because the output power is 40W, and this 40W high-power mobile phone jammer can reach a shielding radius of 100 meters according to the signal strength of a given area. With 4 antennas, this high-power cell phone jammer can interrupt 5 frequency bands of CDMA GSM DCS PCS 4G at the same time. And because this 4G cell phone jammer uses an omnidirectional antenna, it can block signals from all directions, not just one.

In addition, this 4G mobile phone has a good cooling system and can work continuously for 24 hours without generating high temperature, so there is no need to worry that this 4G mobile phone jammer will damage the device itself when working for a long time. When a cell phone jammer works, nearby cell phones cannot pick up the radio waves and force them out of the service area. If you're using your phone while driving, it can take seconds or even minutes to answer a call. It's dangerous and most people will complain. How to solve the problem? Introduce Identify Whats Blocking Your Cell Phone Reception to block all cell phone signals within the effective range. In addition to ensuring safety, you can also take a taxi to enjoy a quiet time. People are increasingly interested in cell phone interference,