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Herrera Justin 2021-10-9

The mobile phone jammer mainly selects the model according to the signal coverage area and the structure of the building. The signal is too weak, the coverage is incomplete, and the signal is too strong, which interferes with the outdoor signal; arrange the antenna. The directional Yagi antenna is used outdoors, and the direction of the antenna can be as far as possible to the mobile company’s transmitting base station to achieve the best reception effect. An omnidirectional antenna can be used indoors. Home Built Cell Phone Jammer The installation height is 2-3 meters. The area is related to the indoor structure. Only one antenna is required for an indoor unobstructed area of ​​less than 300 square meters, two antennas are required for a range of 300-500 square meters, and three antennas are required for a range of 500-800 square meters. also, cell phone jammer During installation, the signal from the indoor antenna cannot be received by the outdoor antenna, otherwise it will produce self-excitation;

Generally installed at a distance of more than 2 meters from the ground, the installation location of the equipment and the distance between the indoor and outdoor antennas should be routed with the shortest distance (the longer the line, the greater the signal attenuation) to achieve the best use effect. Many people have deep feelings about poor mobile phone signals, unable to make calls at home, and surfing the Internet very slowly. This situation does not happen inadvertently within a certain period of time, but occurs in the entire region. In this case, the general Home Built Cell Phone Jammer does not work, so a power phone jammer must be installed. At present, Chengdu Saiyue Communication has signal jammers of different powers, which can cover places such as basements, urban villages, elevators, villas, etc., which can completely solve the mobile signal problem of mobile phones. The mobile phone signal amplifiers on the market are slightly larger and have strong professional ability to adjust mobile data, but they can only be used in designated locations, such as basements, elevators, and offices. Therefore, in the future, we may develop small, powerful mobile phone jammers, so that you don’t have to worry about poor mobile phone signals when you go out.