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How To Build A Homemade Cell Phone Jammer

Constantin Richard 2021-10-11

The shadow behind the splendor of every big city is the village in the city. For example, there are not a few large and small urban villages in Guangzhou. Shipai Village is the largest and oldest among them. People's first impression of urban villages is that they are crowded, noisy, and a lot of garbage. The alleys are densely packed, with wires and spider webs crisscrossing overhead. Because the village is too dense and surrounded by high-rise buildings, the village in the city is not only dark and damp, but also has a weak signal or even no signal at all. Most of the people living in urban villages are fresh graduates or young people who have come to the city to struggle. The lack of mobile phone signal is very difficult for young people to accept. The lack of mobile phone signal not only affects their social activities, but also affects their job prospects. Therefore, many renters are holding a mobile phone when looking at the house, and when they come in, if there is no signal in the house, they immediately shook their heads and left. So, how should the problem of poor mobile phone signal be solved? How To Build A Homemade Cell Phone Jammer (Repeater) is a wireless communication device, which is different from general electrical installations. cell phone jammer The installation of such wireless communication equipment may seem simple, but there is a lot of knowledge in it.

First of all, before installing the equipment, the signal and electromagnetic environment must be fully tested to determine the type of equipment, wires and antennas that need to be selected. To complete this work, it is difficult to do without relevant instruments and professional knowledge. Many people didn't understand the reason, and bought the equipment and materials at will, but the results were ineffective, and money was wasted. Secondly, during the installation process, there are certain tricks in the design, layout, and connection of the circuit. The same equipment and materials, let professional and technical personnel and ordinary electricians to install, the effect will be different, let alone ordinary people. Again, after the equipment is installed, it needs to be carefully debugged. Equipment debugging is a complex and professional work, which is often far from perfect, and it is difficult to do it without a professional. Finally, the How To Build A Homemade Cell Phone Jammer fish and dragons on the market are mixed, and most of the products are not guaranteed in quality. Many machines only have amplifier circuits, but there are no quality control and anti-interference control circuits. It felt good at first, but it didn't take long before it got worse. Such mobile phone jammers are not only easily affected by environmental changes, but also have a great impact on the surrounding electromagnetic environment, and even interfere with the normal operation of the base station. At present, many rental houses in urban villages have installed mobile phone signal jammers, but most of the owners buy them and install them by themselves. In addition, because of the greed for cheap, the quality of the equipment purchased is very poor, so the signal effect is good. There are not many, and the outdoor signal environment is becoming more and more complicated. To sum up, in order to solve the problem of bad mobile phone signal, the rental house in the urban village must choose a good quality mobile phone jammer. In addition, it is best to find a reputable professional company to install the mobile phone signal jammer (repeater). There will be no worries.