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Police Use Cell Phone Jammer

Gurnsey Kevin 2021-10-10

If aPolice Use Cell Phone Jammer device, such as a host computer above 5W (37dBm), may also have larger radiation. Generally, the output power of mobile phone signal jammers is within 200mW (23dBm). After reaching the antenna, it is generally within 5mW (7dBm). After installing the mobile phone jammer after other losses, the indoor signal is generally around -50dBm to -75dBm. Good outdoor signals are generally around -40dBm to -75dBm. When the mobile phone is talking, the GSM mobile phone is talking in a weak signal environment, and the radiation power can reach 1W (30dBm) at worst. cell phone jammer After getting better, the radiation power of the mobile phone call is about 10mW (10dBm). It can also be said that after installing a low-power jammer in a poor signal environment, the mobile phone reduces radiation when talking.

How to distinguish between Police Use Cell Phone Jammer is good or bad? Look at the workmanship, choose the brand, if you use more, you can take it apart and compare it internally. There are many inferior mobile phone jammers on the Internet, mainly because some circuits for optimizing signals, such as automatic gain control, are omitted. Generally, there are less than 80 devices, and the host with complete circuits generally has more than 200 devices. Inferior mobile phone jammers will interfere with the base station very seriously after a large number of installations, and make the signal look full and it will be impossible to make calls. Of course, there are interferences of good quality, but the interference of the same power is several times and dozens of times smaller. Why can't I make a call when the installation signal is full? The signal jammer is a simple device developed at the intermediate frequency of China Mobile and China Unicom. If there is no signal or very weak indoor China Unicom and China Mobile, there should be no problem in using this device. If one party has a full signal and the other has no signal, interference will occur in this case, so it is not recommended.