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Fabric Signal Blocking Cell Phone Aluminium Security Protection

Claudio Nobile 2022/05/11

It is understood that the standardized test room of the "National Examination" is not inferior to the college entrance examination, with camera monitoring, audio and video real-time monitoring, in addition to air conditioning, Fabric Signal Blocking Cell Phone Aluminium and so on, and comprehensively upgrade the monitoring equipment of the test room. To this end, cell phone jammer ,100 new units were purchased this year, ensuring that safety precautions have no dead ends and zero omissions. According to the relevant regulations of the national examination, all test centers will be treated as zero points if the bar code is not pasted or the bar code is not pasted as required. In order to prevent the test from being "Ma Daha", this year, the bar code pasting check of the answer card is implemented for the first time. According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Examination Center, there is no score without barcode. Many candidates are fresh graduates this year, and they are not familiar with the examination process. During the examination, the invigilators will help the candidates to check during the inspection, and at the later stage, they will help the students to check again, which promotes the humanization of the examination service and ensures that there is no barcode pasting error or omission accident in the Yangzhou examination area.

Depending on the signal strength in a given area, this RF Bluetooth 4G cell phone jammer can reach a shielding radius of 40 meters. The Fabric Signal Blocking Cell Phone Aluminium only applies the external omni-directional antenna to all TX frequencies to cover the link. In this case, it is easy to cut off the signal of CDMA GSM DCS PCS 315MHz 433MHz Bluetooth within its shielding range. That's when you can get a safe and peaceful environment without being shielded from phone noise and protected from surveillance equipment controlled by a 315MHz 433MHz WIFI remote. In this way, this high-power multifunctional shielding machine creates safe conditions for you. With such excellent features, this RF bluetooth 4G cell phone jammer can be used both in fixed places and in cars, because the car adapter is already equipped with this RF bluetooth 4G cell phone jammer. Besides high quality cooling system has been used for this high power WIFI Bluetooth 4G shield machine, so it can always keep in good working condition without causing high temperature. And now if it is necessary to get such a cell phone WiFi signal blocker, your chance is right here and take action and go ahead and pick up the RF bluetooth 4G cell phone jammer.