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Blocking Spoofed Calls From Cell Phone Solve Network Problems

Perfectjammer 2022/06/03

How many Blocking Spoofed Calls From Cell Phone will be assembled in a classroom? Every year when the college entrance examination comes, before the critical day here, the staff responsible for the college entrance examination room are actively making full preparations for the supply of various materials needed by the examination room. A device called a wireless 5g mobile phone signal jammer, this type of equipment can ensure the discipline of the examination room, maintain a better natural environment, and effectively protect all communication signals in the examination room. Electronic device signals are today's increasingly specialized tools for information transmission. If you want to block signals, you must assemble a wireless 5g network signal jammer. However, in response to the problem of assembling wireless 5g network signal jammers, many colleges and universities are thinking about how many devices should be equipped in a classroom?

There are a lot of customers talking on the phone, I need a phone that can block the telecommunications Blocking Spoofed Calls From Cell Phone with a radius of 50 meters, a distance of 500 meters, and a distance of one kilometer around, and to move, the three networks of Unicom Telecom are blocked. Is there any problem with the customer's regulations? No problem, and detailed spacing regulations are also proposed, but can it be carried out? The answer is very difficult to achieve. Why is it more difficult to achieve? Aren’t the main parameters of the cell phone jammer marked with its own shielding spacing? Wouldn’t it be possible to put more units at this spacing? In fact, otherwise, the customer is not wrong, but they do not know The overall plan of shielding the signal jammer is not a numerical value, how to master it.