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Is Best Cell Phone Call Blocker Android Useful For Exam Cheating?

Perfectjammer 2022/06/05

With the development of science and technology and the upgrading of communication technology, the use of mobile phones can be said to be one per hand, and it has become more and more popular. The rapid development of communication technology has not only brought convenience to people's lives, but also changed the way of communication. It also brings new challenges to information security. Some major incidents such as the use of mobile phones to steal various information, cheat in exams and interfere with social and public order have occurred from time to time. The act of taking the exam itself should be fair and just. If some people use some shady tricks for opportunistic reasons, it will seriously challenge the fairness and impartiality of the exam. However, they are inseparable from one thing, they need to use the mobile phone to send cheat messages. Hence, Best Cell Phone Call Blocker Android is generated. Does the mobile phone signal shielding device in the examination room really work for cheating in exams?

Best Cell Phone Call Blocker Android is installed in important admissions exams, final exams and other places to interfere with the electronic signals around the exam room and prevent candidates from cheating. So, can a radio frequency jammer interfere with a classroom signal? If a teaching building needs to be disturbed, how should it be arranged more reasonably? What we need to know is that the wireless frequency jammer has a theoretical interference range, and the interference radius is about 10-60 meters in a transparent environment. The actual effect depends on the signal strength of the site, especially how far the nearby base station is from the site. If there is a base station within 200 meters, it will be a little difficult to interfere, and secondly, obstacles such as walls will also affect the interference effect of cell phone jammer .